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Registered in Norway
Established in 2004
Owned by Höegh LNG AS

CETech’s objective is to develop and commercialise technology for marine transportation of compressed natural gas (CNG). The development of the company started as a Joint Industry Project in 2002 and since 2006 CETech has focused on designing and qualifying a large 3 meter diameter composite tank with a length up to 30 meter capable of containing CNG under operational pressure of 150 bar. Based on this technology CETech has created two ship concepts; CNG Shuttle and Shuttle Producer.

CNG Shuttle
The CNG Shuttle concept is developed for two main applications:

  • Transport natural gas from an offshore / onshore location to an onshore / offshore receiving terminal, typically sales gas product transportation.
  • Storage and transport of associated gas from an oil producing unit to a gas receiving and processing terminal.
The tanks will be installed vertically in the ship and stand in a support cradle.

Figure 1 CNG Shuttle

Shuttle Producer
The Shuttle Producer is an innovative solution for oil and gas production. The concept allows for storage and transportation of un-stabilized crude oil in the composite tanks. The objective is to develop floating production units with a minimum of process equipment onboard. Water and sand should be separated before loading and re-injected into the reservoir. The separated crude oil is transported to an onshore processing plant. In a scenario of marginal fields this would accommodate centralized onshore processing for multiple fields.

Depending on the reservoir characteristics, the Shuttle Producer concept can accommodate intermittent production. In such case a field could be developed with only one production vessel that would shut down the well, when going to shore to unload. Alternatively it can remain stationary with offshore transfer by shuttle service.

Figure 2 Shuttle Producer

Composite technology
Successful testing to verify the design and production method for large composite tanks was completed in 2008. Further technology qualification is planned to reach General Approval by the classification society. The CNG Shuttle concept has been given Approval in Principle by DNV.

Höegh LNG
For more than thirty years Höegh LNG has pioneered the development of cost-effective and innovative solutions to ensure the safe and reliable transportation of natural gas. Höegh LNG’s strategy is to focus its activities on business opportunities where it can add value to the customer. Höegh LNG aims to achieve this through broadening its activity beyond quality operation of standard LNG vessels to offer a complete offshore LNG supply chain from production, liquefaction, transportation, terminal storage and re-gasification, and providing access to the downstream market. Please visit for a general presentation.

The CETech organization is headed by Alf-Petter Olsen since its beginning in 2002. The development program has been supported by cooperating entities linked to various specific specialist areas. CETech has refrained from promoting the composite ship concepts in the market. Presently, the focus is on completion of the technology qualification and the corresponding restructuring of business model to accommodate an industrialization process. In due time both the CNG Shuttle and the Shuttle Producer concepts will be available in the market on a license basis.

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